Body piercing

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About body piercing

Body piercing is nothing new. In all cultures, it is normal to decorate your body. Thus, in ancient Egypt navel decoration was reserved to queens, in ancient Rome, the nipple ring was a sign of manhood and the time of Louis XIV, in high circles was considered mandatory for the ladies. By the beginning of this century, it was common for artisans to wear earrings.

Development of piercing in the last years, after rush-aided stars like Naomi Campbell or music video by Aerosmith, proved how wrong are all diviners so-called Lifestyle. The piercings for women and men are part of the everyday look in the disco, but as well in the bank. Same as a mini skirt or denim, fashion whose death was so many times announced, piercing from a fashion hit turned into a classic.

As you decide on jeans or mini-skirts, your piercing should fit into your personality. Piercings should be placed only in the studio that employs trained medical personnel. Just so you can be sure that the jewelry is comfortable and wounds heal without problems.

Ears – Playground

It does not matter whether one or ten. Here everyone can let their imagination run wild. Particularly challenging works piercings crispy part of the ear.

Navel – Piercing Queen

Especially is popular with women but already seen among men. During the healing process sometimes is a little uncomfortable, but beautiful after that.

How to choose the right piercing studio?

The studio must be neat and clean and the staff pleasant and friendly. The first impression is very important! Animals (for example dogs and cats) have no place in the room where the piercing is done. If you feel good, you are not sick and do not take any medication, you are ready for the piercing. Questioning must be sufficiently clear. We must devote you enough attention and time. Ask for jewelry that you put for the first time. Come into consideration: titanium, niobium, PTFE, and gold. Steel only if Implantanium®- not replace it with an implant made ​​of steel. Ensure that staff works sterile. The staff must disinfect their hands and use gloves. All of the instruments should be cleaned and sanitized properly. The needle must be new, sealed and unused. After use, we throw the needle! After piercing necessarily stand up slowly and stay for some time in the studio. Ask anything you do not understand. Be sure to follow care tips. Good care prevents infection, scarring, and frustration.

Finally, the golden rule for those who have done piercing or want to do – ALWAYS ASK!

Be sure to ask anything you want. There are no stupid questions when it comes to your body.

No difference for which piercing you decide, we would certainly have adequate jewelry for you. Especially during wound healing is necessary to prevent possible allergies and inflammation, to pay attention to high-quality jewelry and care. In addition to titanium also can be used Teflon, niobium, platinum, or gold 18 (Kt.). Do not use silver or imitation jewelry. If a fresh piercing is treated properly, the healing time is from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of piercing. It takes only a week for a tongue. None piercing is completely painless, but do not be afraid. Your body jewelry will be placed by trained personnel who will with local anesthesia, using a special needle, appropriate jewelry and the right advice for post-treatment, reduce pain to a minimum.