Hot and cold waxing

Glatka i lepa koža je izraz senzualnosti i lepote. Depilacija i epilacija su sastavni deo opšte nege tela i lica – ideal savremene lepote.

Da biste uklonili neželjene dlačice sa Vašeg tela možete se odlučiti za tradicionalnu metodu voskom, šećernom pastom ili za savremene procedure epilacije laserom,  IPL-om ili elektrolizom.

Razlika između depilacije i epilacije tj privremenog i trajnog uklanjanja malja

Smooth and beautiful skin is an expression of sensuality and beauty. Smooth and beautiful skin is an expression of sensuality and beauty. Hair removal and waxing are an integral part of the overall care of the body and face – ideal of modern beauty.  To remove unwanted hair from your body, you can opt for the traditional method of waxing, sugar paste or modern procedures like laser epilation, IPL or by electrolysis.

The difference between waxing and epilation, in other words temporary and permanent hair removal

Depilation that is commonly applied in home conditions involves treatment of the upper part of the hair that is visible to the naked eye. The hair is removed with a razor or chemical decomposition of the hair with the help of a cream or foam epilation.

Waxing applied in most salons is extraction (withdrawal) from the roots of the hair with the help of hot or cold waxes or at home by electric epilator (Silk – epil).

In both cases, the hair root is still preserved, and depending on the speed of hair growth after 3-6 weeks treatment is repeated, with a note that it is necessary that the hair has a minimum length of 0.5 cm so that waxing can be successfully completed. The method is fast and cheap. The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of skin irritation and ingrown hairs, because pulling hair skin is defending by inflammatory reaction and therefore the skin around the pore becomes firmer and a channel through which needs to grow new hair becomes narrower.

Regardless of the recent changes the hair grows, seeks its way to the surface of the skin and begins to bend. The consequence is ingrown hairs.

Hollywood Beauty Line also offers waxing sugar waxing. These methods are for single use, just different techniques of application and the direction of hair pulling.

In line with global trends, our salon offers the ideal solution for permanent hair removal ND YAG laser or by pulsed light energy (IPL).

And for those who have a problem with light hairs we also have an electroepilation. For all the doubts about the election method that works best for your photo type skin and hair pigmentation, contact our team of experts. We will solve unwanted hair and provide you extended skin care at home and thus prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.