Aesthetic pedicure

Estetski pedikir 2 kozmeticki salon Beograd

Nowadays cosmetic pedicure is no longer a luxury but means basic, essential hygiene of your feet. Give them the attention they deserve. With proper and regular maintenance keep the health of your feet. Regular visits to a medical pedicure specialist are also the prevention of many problems and diseases which an expert can detect and prevent in time. Your feet and nails will be treated right with high quality products and professional and safe treatment. Your happiness and satisfaction are our task and goal. From care up to decoration of nails, we can fulfill all your wishes.  Cherished legs are not a coincidence, and your feet will be grateful and will successfully carry you through life.

“Our feet are the base, the foundation that carries our balance. They symbolize our appearance and image of our being. ”

If you have a problem with your feet or nails (fungus, ingrown toenails, diabetic foot…) see our page Corrective pedicure.