Did you know:

  • Men have 1.6 times more fungal foot diseases than women. In men over 65 years fungal foot infection is 18 times more common than in women.
  • Diabetics have a 40% higher risk of disease.
  • Patients with heart or circulatory problems, have risk about 60% higher than in other.
  • 50% of patients already have problems with walking.
  • Min. 1/3 of patients have pain.
  • Min. 1/4 of patients do not want to admit they have problems because they think it is “normal”.
  • Min. 15% of patients do not want to admit they have a problem because they think that someone will make fun of them at work.

We offer you a completely painless treatment of fungus nails, ND YAG laser of the latest generation. The treatment is carried out on a weekly basis. It is required 4 or more treatment, depending on the condition of the nail plate. Make appointments and consultation with our doctor, and after that we do medical pedicure which includes nail plate machining and preparation for laser treatment. If contraindications haven’ been established for laser treatment, the next day we will perform the first laser treatment.

Fungal nail infection (Onychomykose or Tineaunguium)

This is not just a cosmetic problem but also infections that can be transferred to other persons. It occurs more often in people who wear tight shoes which leads to poor circulation. The fungus grows best in a warm, moist environment such as shoes, socks, swimming pools, locker rooms, hotels and the floors of public showers. Here it is necessary conservative treatment and it also includes the dermatologist.

Affected people should look out for:

1. Hygiene:
  • Make sure that none of the family does not infect
  • Everyone must have a towel, make sure that the floor isn’t wet
  • Disinfect shoes (spray disinfectant or in professional salon)
  • Towels and socks wash at a temperature not less than 600C
  • Shoes must be comfortable
2. Avoid sweets!

There are several methods of treatment, you must have patience. In addition to antifungal treatment we recommend laser treatment.