Hyperkeratosis or thickening of the skin is quite natural. It used to be normal, because there were no shoes, people were walking barefoot and thickened skin protected feet from injury. Later people start using animal skins, palm leaves for protection and then the shoes. However, the problem of thickened skin remains in some people and is described in the text of Papyrus Ebers, (1553-1350 BC) – one of the oldest texts of ancient Egypt with a medical theme. The skin is renewed approximately every 27 days. Therefore, it is necessary every month to visit pedicure.

What to do?

  • Regular pedicure
  • Every day care for legs with special foot cream, not cream / body milk
  • Paraffin bath

Caution! Never use special blades or rasp on your own to solve this problem. Bleeding, infection and etc. are guaranteed and you will only do more harm than good.