Lady Tattoo

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Temptoos® are trendy.

Temptoos® are tattoos that fade out as a result of skin regeneration.

Temptoos® signalize self-confidence, life satisfaction and courage for unconventional.

More and more men and women have the desire to mark themselves, but not for a lifetime. The only alternative is offered by Temptoo Conture® Make Up method to decorate your body but with an advantage to fade depending on how much your skin is exposed to.

Temptoos® is a gentle method.

After the choice of the motive, it is applied on the desired location the object is pigmented into the upper layer of the skin so there is no bleeding and swelling. During the treatment, you feel only a light scratching. Colors are antiseptic, anti-allergic and mineral-based, recognized by the European Medicines Act.

1001 motive and more

Whether devil, bear, rose, heart, tribal, Japanese characters or ornamentation volumes – we have a large selection of motives for each taste. Those who want to use their own fantasy can bring along their own drafts to the studio. Important: it is recommended that the motive isn’t too large and preferably not larger than 5 cm2.

Sometimes a small detail means more!