Lash lift

Enjoy the new swing of your lashes with Wimpernwelle. Throw your eyelash curler. Now you can always have natural lashes. Simple: treatment every 6 to 8 weeks.

Attractive: it will make your eyes seem bigger and brighter.

Safe: no more broken eyelashes due to the eyelash curler. The perfect look is achieved only by applying mascara. That’s all!

For all eyelashes: no matter whether short or long we have a solution for all lengths.

For every swing: according to each individual wish, the lashes can be lifted strongly or also only in a soft, natural way.

Simply for everyone: Lash lift is a treatment for all ages.


Will the eyelashes break during this treatment?

No. The eyelash Gels are very mild. Gel 1 opens the structure of the eyelashes and Gel 2 closes it in the new form.  Ph value is adjusted in a certain way so that the structure of the eyelashes cannot be damaged.

Do my eyelashes need any special care after the treatment?

This is not obligatorily necessary as conditioning substances have already been worked into the gels. However, generally we do recommend serums for the strengthening and conditioning of all eyelashes.

Can I also have my eyelashes tinted immediately after the treatment?

Yes, the eyelashes can be tinted immediately after the treatment. The lifted lashes show even better after the tinting process.

My lash lift only lasted for one week!

Just like the hair, there are also eyelashes, that will hardly accept the new curve. Please contact and ask our team so that we can solve the problem together.

What’s the difference between lash lifting and using an eyelash curler?

The eyelash curler mechanically curls the eyelashes. By giving them their new form with the eyelash curler, the eyelashes can easily be squeezed and might even break. Our gels gently open the eyelash structure and close it again in the new form. With lash lifting treatment the eyelashes will stay in the new form for 6-8 weeks. The lash lifting will also endure each and every activity.