Permanent makeup
Your permanent makeup… as individual as you are.

Would you like to wake up every morning with perfect eyebrows, eyelids drawn and beautiful lips? This is your unfulfilled desire? Thanks to LONG-TIME-LINER® CONTURE® MAKE-UP method, applying make-up every morning and removing are things of the past. 25 years of experience and success is confirmed by thousands of delighted clients.

The benefits of getting permanent makeup:

  • Your Time is money – Morning makeup and fixing your makeup becomes a thing of the past
  • Your Safety – Perfect and neat appearance at any time
  • Your Power – Expression takes shape and becomes more prominent
  • Your Secret – Small imperfections are equalized

Trust and safety with us are guaranteed

  • It will be our pleasure to offer you free consultation so that you know how may look your individual, permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyes or lips).
  • We draw your eyebrows, eyes or lips naturally in order to achieve the perfect shape.
  • It is only when you are delighted with your new look that the final work begins.
  • Necessary adjustments within 3 months are included in price.

Gradual steps to “permanent beauty”

YOUR EYEBROWS – They frame the shape of your face

Permanent makeup offers you an ideal solution. According to your form, the eyebrows are precisely arched, outlined and color corrected, resulting in completely natural-looking eyebrows. Our experts are trained to help you choose the ideal method, contouring your eyebrows (Microblading) or full shading (Powdered brows).

YOUR EYELIDS – They highlight your eye color and give you a dazzling and more intense look

You can choose a slight edge around the eyes which will make your lashes seem denser and eyes more defined or perfect permanent decorative eyeliner – everything as you wish.

YOUR LIPS – Sensual, juicy and perfectly contoured

Thin or pale, irregular or lips without volume… With permanent makeup we can create the perfect shape. Your dreams can come true, whether you choose just contouring or full shading. We offer you a rich palette of colors ranging from nude to red kiss. You will be positively surprised by optimal beautification of your lips.

“Your beauty to suit your type – natural, permanent and waterproof”

Finally, there is no more ruined makeup by the end of the day. This is a perfect solution for women who wear glasses, for active women who do sports or for those who consider doing makeup everyday is torture.

The dream of looking perfect 24/7 can be a reality.


What is permanent makeup?

International name Permanent Makeup = a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) on the face and can also be done on the body (Temptoos®). The treatment is also known as Micropigmentation or dermapigmentation.

Color pigments are precisely introduced in the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) with a special technique. There are no side effects or swelling. The thin and rare eyebrows are thick, small eyes more prominent and lips more beautiful and fuller.

Depending on the activity, age, condition and skin type, metabolism and technique, the region in which the pigment is introduced gradually fades over a period of 3 to 5 years. Corrections after the first work are necessary to make your permanent makeup look perfect (it’s done 14 to 30 days apart). After that, depending on the region, it’s recommended to refresh your makeup for a year or two. The treatment itself is performed exclusively by a skilled and trained person.

What methods exist?

Popular names for permanent makeup are Permanent Make Up – PMU, Semi permanent or Microblading – MB. Behind these names are various techniques. Which technique is ideal depends on the client’s preference, the region, the type and condition of the skin, as well as the general state of the skin and body.

  1. Method with PMU device – conventional and safe

It is special device for permanent makeup. The needles used are disposable. Depending on the drawing technique (shading, hair-drawing or just contouring) we use needles of different shapes and thickness. This technique is suitable for all skin types as well as diabetics.

  1. Microblading – a pretty ancient form of tattooing in a new spirit

Microblading originated in Asia over 25 years ago and with its innovation has conquered the world of permanent makeup.

A manual extension is fitted with a so-called blade (disposable blade) with numerous needles that are as thin as a razor blade. It’s done by manually inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin. This method creates extremely fine, natural looking hairstrokes. This method requires a great deal of experience, feel, precision and is not suitable for people with problematic, oily skin or for those who have prone to keloid scarring.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup will last anywhere from 3-5 years – depending on certain factors like skin type, age, and ethnicity. It will become brighter during skin regeneration. In addition, certain other variables like aftercare can seriously affect the staying power of the pigment in the skin. Also, the technique itself and the region being worked on determine its duration. Thus, it can be said that Microblading on the eyebrows will fade sooner than it will with eye region, where it is extremely thin skin that is not regenerative and does not have oily tissue like other parts of the skin.

We recommend that clients come back yearly for a color boost to freshen it up and define the shape.

What pigments are used in “Hollywood Beauty Line”?

We only use pigments that:

  • have been dermatologically tested, antiseptic and in accordance with EU Cosmetics Regulation
  • are vegan friendly
  • not contain heavy metals
  • not retain ingredients that have high allergic potential
  • not contain iron oxides

Depending on the color, durability and intensity – some colors are mineral-based inorganic (pigment looks more natural) and some are synthetic organic (pigment is more permanent) to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Does it hurt?

Everybody is different when it comes to sensitivity. We apply an anesthetic cream prior to your procedure, and continue to keep your brows numb during your procedure to keep you comfortable.


Hygiene is ‘non plus ultra” in every work and especially in the work of permanent makeup. Skin must be disinfected before any work. We use 100% disposable tools, never to be reused on another client and we use only dermatologically tested products.

Permanent makeup – can also be used medically (Medical micropigmentation):

Partial or complete deficiency is solved with the help of permanent makeup, your wishes become reality
– eyebrows (Alopecia)
– eyelashes
– upper and lower lip
– after plastic reconstructive measures
– clef lip scar
– modeling a completely new structure of face and body, such as reconstruction of the nipple and areola after surgery

Cleft lip

zecija usna

A corrective pigment camouflage was performed on the patient after cleft lip repair.

Help with alopecia areata universalis (AU)


Alopecia areata totalis (AT)

Alopecia areata totalis

Based on the complete lack of hair, entirely new shaped eyebrows and the upper and lower eyelids are formed in accordance with the natural look and thanks to precise pigmentation.

With permanent makeup we have helped many people to get a new look.

Our Associates:

  • Long Time Liner® 35 years Conture® Make-up

The world’s first certified system for pigmentation. Devices and colors are certified according to European Medical Devices Act 93/42 EWG.

Experience characterized by quality and safety

  • Branko Babic PhiAcademy – the world leader

He set the new standard of excellence in permanent makeup and dedicated himself to innovation and business.