Sweaty feet

This is the number one disease in the western world. For most people with sweaty feet, it does not pose any problem. But for environment there is a problem in the form of a strong and unpleasant smell - take off your shoes and... This problem is especially pronounced in athletes or people who wear rubber shoes. However, everyone else also knows what it is. The cause unpleasant smell: moist and warm climate in the shoes (bacteria), eczema and / or fungal infection.

What to do?

  • Hygiene of legs
  • Shoes that breathe (leather)
  • Cotton socks
  • Special creams antiperspirant
  • Special treatments
  • Bath or chamomile tea
  • Disinfection of footwear
  • In extreme cases, visit the doctor.

What is the problem? Shoes or feet?

Many people who care about hygiene, feet often have an unpleasant smell. Do you know why? Therefore, the main cause of this problem is bacteria. Unpleasant foot smell is common in people who are often sweaty feet. We all know that shoes have all sorts of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Footwear is a major part of the problem because it allows a perfect environment for bacterial growth. Therefore, the problem of unpleasant smell cannot be solved by maintaining hygiene, but we have to sterilize shoes too.

Athlete's foot is a type of skin infection caused by mold. As long as people are living a fast lifestyle, athlete's foot will continue to be spread from person to person, daily multiplying inside the shoes. In addition to foot hygiene we have to pay attention to shoe hygiene.