Nail plate prosthetics / trauma and nail hematoma

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The nail plate prosthetics represents the restoration, repair, correction, addition and protection of the nail plate.

There are numerous ways to damage the nail plate either on your hands or feet (bump, ski, run). As a consequence, you may be missing a portion of the nail plate, or more often, a black color (hematoma) will appear under the nail.

In our salon we will provide you with a quick and professional intervention that will allow you to relieve the pain instantly by removing the blood flow under the nail plate.

In the event that the nail plate is torn or lifted, we will perform the prosthetic treatment of the nail plate with a medical Unguisan mass (combination of powder and fluid) according to the method of the German company Greppmayr, which will prevent infection, irregular nail plate growth and pain.

The elastic material is applied to the missing part of the nail and thus optically resolves the problem for a period of time, usually several weeks. Setting is possible if at least a small part of the nail is left. If the nail is then covered with a “problem” is not noticeable at all.

The prosthetics of the nail plate is also performed in other diseases which result in the nail plate defect.
• deformed nails
• surgically removed nails
• nail fungus (It should be noted that in fungal nail disease – prosthetics is only an aesthetic solution to the problem – see fungal treatment for more information)

These foot problems are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a psychological problem, and the application of nail plate prosthetics helps people who want to walk barefoot or in open footwear.

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