BABOR fulfills your desire for flawless skin, maximize your beauty and boost your zest for life.

BABOR Facial treatments

Allow yourself a real pleasure, discover BABOR’S holistic philosophy of beauty where every treatment is a ritual.

Experience the feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. Together with an effective outcome, Babor wins you with the magic that awakens all your senses. Treatments incorporate specific massage techniques, delivering benefits to the skin as well as to the body as a whole. Radiant skin, relaxation, and regeneration are the results of every Babor treatment. While relaxing the skin is nourished by Babor skillful hands.

SeaCreation treatments –  luxury Anti Aging treatment

Treat your skin to a luxurious expedition of the deep sea.  In each phase of the lavish SeaCreation treatment, you will feel the innovative, highly effective ingredients from the depths of the ocean begin to saturate your skin step by step, magically creating perfect radiance with a youthful glow.

HRS lifting – Exclusive creation of intensive lifting

The most famous lifting treatments in a new light and with new strength! Your favorite treatment seducing with your senses has a new power and more intense lifting effect. Discover the latest scientific achievements in the fight against wrinkles and relax in the skillful hands that will erase wrinkles as rubber. Enjoy the new golden touch HSR® and bring home a distinctive golden ball.

A moment of relaxation with long-lasting impressive results.

Would you like to reactivate your complexion’s luminosity and give your skin a more youthful appearance? The REVERSIVE treatment adds radiance to your skin, creates a flawless complexion and rolls back the years.

The innovative mousse texture and ultrafine glow-tech pigments restore a youthful glow, even after one treatment. REVERSIVE RE-Youth complex visibly alleviates deep wrinkles, providing the skin with a more radiant and youthful appearance while balancing its tone.

Precise solutions for all skincare requirements

Our exclusive treatment methods provide outstanding results.

Combination of the latest advances in science and medicine with BABOR’s decades of experience based on optimal skincare principles and the development of innovative treatment methods.

DOCTOR BABOR achieves results that were previously unimaginable in the field of cosmetics.

– Carefully selected AHA. For shiny, smooth skin with no scars, wrinkles, and blemishes.
– Intensive lifting treatment to boost collagen structure. To strengthen the skin and preserve a youthful.
– Cooling and calming your skin after cosmetic surgery or chemical peels. The skin becomes visibly relaxed and regenerated.
– Pre and post-operative treatment that improves the quality of the skin makes cosmetic procedures much more successful without scars and with better long-term results.

Intensive. For a vital male skin.

Jet lag, meetings, and deadlines – external and internal stress factors disturb the harmony between body and soul. Today’s man itself requires maximum investment. BABOR has invented the concept of modern care and treatment that gives you strength and resistance to extreme conditions.

BABOR Cosmetics of great value has been developed in a harmonious play of the latest scientific knowledge with effective materials from nature. The active ingredients of natural origin provide a range of suitable treatments and products that are specially designed to treat and care for the needs of every skin type and skin condition.

BABOR skincare system is based on two key features: skin type and skin condition.

Skin type is genetically determined, like a fingerprint, and it never changes. BABOR distinguishes between dry skin, combination and oily skin and problematic skin. The skin condition is caused by the modern lifestyle, which includes stress, emotional and external factors.

After a professional skin analysis, you can get your profile for the care, treatment programs and products that will be in line with your skin.

Skin analysis

What does my skin need?

It is not easy to discover the perfect care. With the right skin analysis, you will have the perfect solution and get the care that your skin needs.

Am I using the right care?

How it works: By professional analysis, we magnify the skin under the microscope by 80%. This allows us to determine the type and current condition of your skin.

Can I do even better?

What do you get? After a detailed analysis report, we put together the perfect home care that is just for your skin. From the first step – face cleansing to the final cream, serum – to continue the pleasure of perfect care at home.

SKINOVAGE Treatments

The intelligent system care tailored for every skin need – reveals individual beauty.

BABOR SKINOVAGE PX FACIALS perfectly suited to individual skin requirements.

Inspired by epigenetic research, BABOR laboratories have been able to create a specific peptide that protects against external (epigenetic) changes in the skin.

EPIGEN Tech Power Peptide – has a positive effect on stimulating, restoring and protecting the regenerative power of skin cells, as well as more active recycling of protein waste from cells. It gives the skin a smooth texture and a youthful glow.

With each treatment, our massage will devote to harmonizing your whole body. Active ingredients and sentient hands are a perfect combination. This is considered a holistic beauty treatment. It includes not only the skin on the face, but also includes topics and neck. Massage combines elements of acupressure, related tissue, trigger point, physiotherapy and osteopathy with traditional massage techniques.